I am a freelance editor who is currently available for new projects. If you are interested in working with me, please fill out my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible! On the fiction publishing side, I have worked with Spencer Hill Press in the past and currently work as a freelancer with Limitless Publishing; for nonfiction, I work full time as a copy editor for Hour Media, a magazine publishing company, and have also edited for The New York Times and The Detroit News. References are available upon request.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: New clients for book-length projects are offered a free sample edit of up to 20 pages or one chapter, whichever comes first. This allows me to get a sense of the scope of the project and lets prospective clients judge whether my skill set and approach make me a good fit. For articles, essays, advertising copy, and other pieces under 10,000 words, I request to view a sample to help determine scope but a sample edit cannot be guaranteed.

For book-length projects, base pricing is determined by word count, although rates may increase depending on complexity and requested turnaround time. For articles, essays, advertising copy, and other pieces under 10,000 words, I reserve the right to charge a flat fee based on the specifics of the project. Expedited projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis and incur a 20% rush fee.

Payment is expected upfront through Paypal unless the total is $300 or more — then a 50% deposit is acceptable, with the balance required upon completion and before delivery. Refunds will not be issued once the client receives the final edited manuscript, except in cases of file corruption or incompatibility issues where my software or hardware are at fault. If these issues are discovered after delivery, and it can be definitively proven that my hardware/software were the cause, I will work with the client to either correct the issue free of charge or issue a full or partial refund. (Rest assured: this has never happened to date!) By hiring me, you are also acknowledging that paid editing services cannot guarantee sales or positive reception of the content of a published piece and you will not use either outcome to judge my performance.

I have very few hard limits when it comes to content I am willing to edit, but I require a content warning if your work contains any of the following: gore/mutilation, sexual/domestic violence, child abuse, dubious/nonconsensual sex (statutory rape, incest, severe power imbalances, etc.), or explicit bigotry against marginalized groups (racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, etc.). I won’t reject a project simply because your manuscript contains any of these subjects, but I will be able to serve you better (and protect my own well-being!) if I know what to expect. Please note, however, that I reserve the right to refuse any project (or issue a full refund on a previously accepted project), that I find objectionable on moral or ethical grounds.



Copy Editing

Using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, I will edit your manuscript and flag any areas that are unclear. Turnaround time depends on word count and my current workload, but novel-length projects (~60,000-90,000 words) are generally completed within 10 business days (two weeks). A copy edit entails the following:

  • Removal of typos; missing or incorrect punctuation, words, or phrases; and spell checking. At this most basic level, I will make sure that your manuscript is comprehensible on a technical level, and that no reader will be drawn out of the story because something doesn’t “sound/look right.”
  • Flow. Typos are one thing, but do sentences flow easily into the next? Are there run-on sentences or fragments that make the reader stumble? In this step, I focus on feedback that will make the writing clear and concise. If you’ve used a word three times in one sentence, I’ll suggest a synonym. If a paragraph is too long, I’ll help divide it into more reasonable chunks.
  • Rewrites. If I notice any minor issues with flow, grammar, or comprehension, I may change the sentence accordingly. Note that this is only on a sentence level, meaning I will not introduce any new information, just tweak what’s already there.
    These are always suggestions, of course. If my rewrite would require anything more than tweaking the order or the wording, then I will put my suggested edits in the comments section rather than change the manuscript itself.
  • Fact checking. Any details that come from real life will be fact checked. For example, if your setting is in Los Angeles and you mention a specific street or neighborhood, I will look up those places to make sure, a) that the names are spelled right, b) that you describe their appearance/position accurately. Does your character drive from Los Angeles to San Diego in less than an hour, even though it should take 3-4? I’ll let you know.
  • Consistency. I make sure that the spelling of words is consistent throughout. Someone will spell it “makeup” in one chapter and “make-up” in another, etc. If the character is wearing pants in one paragraph and three paragraphs down in the same scene is now wearing a skirt, I will make note of it.
  • Formatting. Making sure paragraphs are properly indented, and new chapters/sections are properly labeled. Consistency of font style, size, and use of italics, bold, and underlining.
  • Style. Chicago Manual of Style is the standard for novels and other books, so I make sure that all projects I work on adhere to that, along with Merriam Webster New Collegiate Dictionary spellings, unless the client explicitly requests otherwise. Associated Press Style is the standard for most other industries.

Base Rate: $.004/word ($1.20/page assuming 300 words)



Content Editing

Although I also use Track Changes to perform content edits and may correct any glaring typos I see as I go along, I will focus on the big picture, not surface-level grammar or spelling mistakes. If you are equally interested in both aspects, please make this clear in your inquiry, as the rate will increase accordingly. Turnaround time is about 20 business days (one month) for a novel-length project.

For a content edit, I will give impressions on your craft—especially characterization, setting, voice, plot, continuity, and pacing—as I read. If there are any areas you think I should pay special attention to, I will make sure to give more detailed commentary on those. Some additional questions I like to answer: How does this book fit within the parameters of its genre? Will it meet a reader’s expectations? Are there any passages that may be construed as offensive?

As an editor, I believe that any content that is harmful to marginalized people is also harmful to a writer’s craft; therefore, if I encounter something that I feel may be culturally insensitive, I will bring attention to it and advise that you seek out feedback from an expert. Please note, however, that it is ultimately the author’s responsibility to justify their choices, and a content edit is not the same as a sensitivity read. (If you are looking for sensitivity readers, Writing in the Margins in a good place to start.)

After I finish reading the manuscript, I’ll compose an edit letter where I’ll go further in-depth regarding my comments and suggestions and offer additional resources to help guide you during revisions. After you receive the letter and edited document, I’m available by email to answer questions and clarify for up to two weeks.

Base rate: $.005/word ($1.50/page assuming 300 words)



Other Services

Beta Reading. Available on a case-by-case basis, typically only as a portion of a novel-length manuscript, and either pro bono or on trade. Preference is given to authors from underrepresented and/or marginalized backgrounds. (This can include sensitivity reading, as long as the identity in question is one I share.)

Proofreading. The final editing stage before publication, proofreading involves checking the manuscript for typographical, layout, or formatting errors only. Base rate is $0.0020/word, with an average turnaround time of 10 business days.

Editing for Pieces Under 10,000 Words. Due to the high variability of this content, I am unable to provide a base rate; please contact me for a quote.

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