Adventures in the Concrete Jungle

After a week of chaos, humidity, friends and books on books on books, I have returned to my quiet little metro Detroit suburb, where there are more trees than people and the temperature never tops 75 degrees (or 24 degrees Celsius… I’m trying to learn the conversions). Since I traveled by plane this year, I had to ship my ARCs from New York and won’t get them until Saturday… BUT I have plenty of swag, knowledge and memories to tide me over until then!

Obligatory photo time:



The models at the Ellora’s Cave booth looked terribly lonely, so I decided to oblige them… naturally.


Grumpy Cat is not impressed.

Perhaps most shockingly, attending Book Expo America this year has made me much more appreciative of social media. I’ve only begun to explore Twitter in the past few months, and managing that and Facebook and a blog (unsuccessfully, mind you) can be pretty exhausting, but from all standpoints it’s necessary. With that in mind, I’m going to brush the cobwebs off and update this thing more often – hopefully I can provide something that you readers enjoy. If not, feel free to offer suggestions!

Below you’ll find voice recordings for two panels I attended at BEA: “What’s Working Now: Search Engine Optimization, Author Platforms & New Social Media” featuring the folks from, and “Telling Stories About Your Stories—Lessons In Audience Development, Discoverability & Marketing From Beyond The World Of Books: featuring Richard Nash. Book Promotion has uploaded a link to the Powerpoint shown during their presentation here.

And with this new influx of swag, I’m going to have to give away a lot of stuff so I have somewhere to sleep, so watch out for more upcoming releases listed on my ‘Free Books’ entry, as well as reviews for them. Happy Tuesday!

Download my panel recordings through Microsoft Skydrive here. Please tell me if you have problems!

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