You’re looking for freelance editing services of the highest quality, and you’ve come to the right place.

“[Sydnee] did everything I asked for. I was more than pleased. Professional, timely, and efficient.” —Colette Thomas, author of On the Road to Damascus: Return and An Act of Faith: The Road to Damascus Vol. 2.

“Using [Sydnee’s] comments, I was able to ensure continuity, concision, and story flow.” —Christopher Merlino, author of Essence: A Nico Scarlatti novel

“[Sydnee’s] feedback was awesome. … [She] delved into the story as deep as myself and understood the characters so well, it was like [she was] in my head. … I am confident my second book’s plot and characters would not have been as polished if [she] hadn’t pointed out several things. Now that I’ve worked to correct it, I can see it much clearer. The secondary characters have much more depth.” —Rebecca Winkler, author of Sophie Lost and Found and Sophie Coming Home

“Working with [Sydnee] has been awesome. Everything [she suggested] made my story better and more polished.” —Melinda Valentine, author of Fear Inc. Vol. 1 and Fear Inc. Vol. 2

“I really appreciated [Sydnee’s] feedback, especially regarding sensitivity toward certain issues within the YA genre. It helped my future writing tremendously. The Sister Code was my most well-edited, error-free book to date.” —Haley Allison, author of The Sister Code

 “I’ve never published a book with anyone before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I certainly wasn’t above a freshman college level of Comp, either. Sydnee gave me excellent feedback and NEVER talked down to me or acted like all of this information was common sense. She didn’t expect me to be perfect and that made it much more enjoyable! I have a LOT to learn from Sydnee, still. I am thankful for being matched with such a great editor my first time out! I was nervous that my experience would taint my view of publishing forever, but it’s quite the opposite!” —Nicky Shanks, author of Rule Number One and the Rulebreaker Series

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