You’re looking for freelance editing services of the highest quality. You’ve come to the right place.

“[Sydnee] did everything I asked for. I was more than pleased. Professional, timely, and efficient.” —Colette Thomas, author of On the Road to Damascus: Return and An Act of Faith: The Road to Damascus Vol. 2.

“Using [Sydnee’s] comments, I was able to ensure continuity, concision, and story flow.” —Christopher Merlino, author of Essence: A Nico Scarlatti novel

“[Sydnee’s] feedback was awesome. … [She] delved into the story as deep as myself and understood the characters so well, it was like [she was] in my head. … I am confident my second book’s plot and characters would not have been as polished if [she] hadn’t pointed out several things. Now that I’ve worked to correct it, I can see it much clearer. The secondary characters have much more depth.” —Rebecca Winkler, author of Sophie Lost and Found and the upcoming Sophie Coming Home

“Working with [Sydnee] has been awesome. Everything [she suggested] made my story better and more polished.” —Melinda Valentine, author of Fear Inc. Vol. 1 and Fear Inc. Vol. 2

“I really appreciated [Sydnee’s] feedback, especially regarding sensitivity toward certain issues within the YA genre. It helped my future writing tremendously. The Sister Code was my most well-edited, error-free book to date.” —Haley Allison, author of The Sister Code

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